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How to do nothing

Secord Gallery Nov 2012 detail, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Last Saturday morning I woke up thinking I wouldn’t paint, or even go into my studio, for at least a week. My arm is sore from the repetitive movement of applying paint and from lifting and hauling those big canvases. It is time for a break certainly.

But it is soooo hard to do nothing. As a result, I’ve been tearing apart my house with the intention of cleaning it up, organizing, putting things in better, cleaner places. But, in order to clean even just one room, there is so much sorting and tossing, it will take more than a week. It’s like looking through a keyhole into my whole life: the things, memories, objects that have taken me, and come with me, to where I am now.

So I’m looking forward to getting back into my studio and just painting. That’s easier than doing nothing.


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