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Horizontal snow!

P1040690, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

It’s a real blizzard outside (wind/snow/wind/snow/snow/snow/snow) . . . and a lively blast in my studio this morning. I’ve been working on some paintings I started earlier, reworking or working into, them. But mainly, I’ve been trying to use new kinds of mark making, not rely on what has worked before. A new calligraphy, so to speak, a new approach, a new energy. It made for a very exciting morning, and now, I am wanting to get back there as soon as possible. And also, I am hoping it is as interesting to me tomorrow as it was today. (I haven’t taken photos so can’t show you. But my studio photos are so bad, it doesn’t make much sense, anyway.)

I have a new toy: I bought a small, plastic tool to use for scraping into the paint. It works much better than my finger. And will save me from getting so much paint on my hands (even though I do wear plastic gloves, the paint can come through). It’s lots of fun, like a Christmas present to myself.

I heard on the radio this morning that this will probably be the coldest winter on record for all of Canada, not just the Maritimes. It is cold, for sure, minus 18 c., but colder on the Prairies. We’ve had it relatively easy in Nova Scotia, until today. The snow plow has plowed my driveway once today. Just the beginning.


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