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Home with Lila!

After a long day hanging around airports in NY and Philadelphia (because of flight cancellations and delays due to fog), I was able to get home yesterday evening. I’m still a bit disoriented but happy to be home. As often happens after traveling, I woke up this morning in the dark, not sure where I was, what city, what bed.

Lila too is not sure.  I think she was a bit miffed with me last night.  Maybe because I was away for a couple of weeks and left her with Sean, maybe because Sean isn’t here any more.  She doesn’t tell me.  So we went for a long walk on the golf course this morning with her black lab friend Clancy and my human friend Heather.

It’s good to be home with Lila again.  It’s also good to be getting back to my painting.  I have a lot of things percolating about my work and almost didn’t want to go away from it.  But absence does make the mind more clear.  Next it’s the work.  I know it is going through a period of change and I am eager to see where it leads me.  So back in my studio tomorrow!


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