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Here’s Romeo!


He’s an eight week old Portuguese Water Dog. I brought him back home last night after two days of travel to the other end of Cape Breton to get him. Spent the night in Baddeck where I will be giving a four-day workshop in September. Of course Romeo will go with me then! It was a wonderful stop-over and I look forward to going back. Romeo was warmly welcomed by everyone there.

He’s as cute as they come! Very affectionate, lively, friendly and the first puppy I’ve had who can climb stairs at eight weeks! They called him Houdini at the breeders: he would climb over the playpen fence to go tousle with Lily, their one year old Portie. Last night He unlocked his kennel gate and lay on the floor.

He’s puppy number five for me and I still have lots to learn from him. It’s been two years since I had a dog. A hard time waiting, but, after the first few months, I did get used to all that extra time to myself. Nevertheless I do prefer having the company of a dog and once I recover from the first few months, I hope to get back to a sensible schedule. This week, no painting! That’s hard but I knew what I was getting in to so that’s what it is.

In a way, it is hard not to compare him to my last dog who died at age eight two years ago. This one is more affectionate and hopefully easier and healthier. I loved her very deeply but love is not singular, and even though the two dogs are different in temperament, I will always love her. Now I am grateful he is as he is. It’s puppy love all over again!


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