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Greetings from Denmark!

It was a long trip involving three planes, one overnight, but all is well and I am happy to be here in the high and warm sunshine. The opening reception at Artnorth was very well attended. I met a lot of friendly people, some who already have work of mine, others interested and also some other artists from Denmark. It all was very fine.

And especially the very good fish dinner afterwards. The meal consisted of about seven courses, each more exquisite than the last, all some small, tasty fish dish. The last serving was a piece of the most delicate venison I’ve ever had. The Danes do know how to cook fish.

I had been saying for weeks before I left how tired I was. So I slept twelve hours the first night here. I haven’t done that since I was last pregnant, fortythree years ago. It’s a pleasure to do nothing but sit in the sun, walk in the sun, enjoy the scenery and the people. But I must say, I do miss painting, can’t stop thinking about it. I know it can, and will, wait.

I’m planning on taking an overnight frerry to Oslo tomorrow evening, spend a few days exploring their museums and such, then back on Friday and on to Amsterdam for a few days.  I left my phone and camera chargers on one of the airplanes (a symptom of previous fatique!) so I don’t know when I will be able to post much here until I return on the 13th.  But do stay tuned!  I will have lots of photos when I get back (at least until my camera battery gives out!).


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