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Once upon a time a long time ago, a gallery owner told me not to use green; it doesn’t sell. I’m on a green binge now. Green greens, yellow greens, blue greens, red greens. In other words, green. Great fun. I did not know green came in so many colours. It is very versatile, says so many things. It can shout, it can whisper, it can flirt, it can bring other colours together. And, if you buy it, it will sell.

This current green binge is not because it is spring and so much is turning green. I started on this journey over a year ago, in the winter. It is happening just because I like to experiment with colour, see how far I can go with it. I am investigating other new colours as well. Green just happens to have a uniqueness and breadth of expression that I never knew well. So now is the time.


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