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For those days

Sometimes I just don’t feel like going into my studio. Especially when I have been working steadily for a while, it just feels like too much. I’ve been lucky for the past few months. I’ve had another studio I can go to work. It often feels like I’m going to another universe, a refreshing new place, new life, a place to discover.  It’s where I’ve been working on two 9.5 x 10.5 paintings. They are BIG. That means, eight of me can fit around the perimeter, a human frame. I haven’t yet figured out how many of me would fit into the middle, but I know it would be all of me, all of the many mees, the many ways I can be.

It’s been an interesting process, working on that scale: up on a ladder painting, using acrylic for the first time in many years, making every stroke and thought bigger than imaginable, and sometimes, even working with people milling through.  But, I’m close to the end of this project. The building has been sold; moving day is soon. I’ll just have to work on my dining table when I don’t feel like going into my studio.


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