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For the time being

IMG_3351, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

The days are very big now. It surprises me, always, how much time painting takes from my day. It’s not the hours in the studio. Relatively speaking, that’s small when compared to the mental, emotional, spiritual and otherwise time put into making art.

Still, that intense physical time moulds the entire day. It carries forward into everything I do. So much so, that the day then feels very short. Without the studio time these past few days, I feel a bit lost. I can clean up the mess I made when I took rooms apart to paint the walls. I can make sure Lila (and I) get enough exercise, I can cook and read and daydream, as always. Yet the day feels very long.

It’s not that I am not thinking about painting. I’m just not in my studio. A mini-break.


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