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Done, maybe

Well, maybe, possibly, it could be I am not going to do anything else to this BIG painting.  I went in last Saturday afternoon planning to work on it but the studio was being used for a film production so I couldn’t do anything there.  Maybe I was saved from overdoing it.  If I do continue on it, it will take a whole new direction and I am not sure this painting wants that.  It just may be done.

Before I left for Memphis and New York, I was very dissatisfied with my work.  I felt I was repeating myself too often.   I had begun trying out new ways of solving painting problems but was not finding what I wanted.  I knew it would take some time but I was restless, impatient.  While away, I was eager to return to my work.  I was searching for a new visual vocabulary.  Abstract painting is interesting in that way.  Talking with paint and color.  But trying not to use the same “words” over and over.

When I was able to get back into my studio, everything changed, as I had expected it would.  I didn’t know where I was going to go; I’m just going, and I am very excited with what is happening.  It’s a big change, a surprise even to me.

No photos yet.  Wait, please.


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