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Big snow, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

My old refrigerator finally gave up on me. I spent some time the past few weeks investigating various options, knowing its time was coming to an end soon. So today, a couple of young men delivered my new frig, bringing it down my long (icy) driveway and up my (many) newly snow covered stairs. (I was finally able to clear some ice and snow away yesterday but there was more today.) When they pulled out the old frig, I commented, proudly: this one is twenty-five years old. I was told flatly: they all are. Then: They must have known how to make appliances twenty to thirty years ago because there is a big boom on purchases for new ones now. The old ones are just going.

So mine was one of those. The good old days. I was told when I was looking that refrigerators are now built to last ten years. Too bad. But at least they are more energy efficient, if not long lasting. But don’t those two factors cancel each other out?

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