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I live in a neighborhood where almost every house has a dog or two, all ages. I can think of five pups under two years just within a short distance from my house. There are lots of woods, land, lakes around so a great playground for dogs and children. Most mornings we get our puppies together for some playtime before work time. The dogs are so free and affectionate as they tussle and bite at each other.

Romeo is growing up fast. He’s now four and a half months and about four times the weight he was when I brought him home. We just finished our first round of six obedience classes. Up until the last class he was giving me a hard time, often sassy at home when working on training and only wanting to play with the other dogs in class. But with some help from the instructor, Bob Ottenbrite, Romeo aced it. No one was happier than me. The change came when I trusted myself to tune in to my dog’s mind, communicate directly, expect the best and guide him with my mind.

But you know, that not’s a bad way to approach everything, with an open mind. Dogs are born with a pure mind. People are as well. It’s only we who change that.

I learn so much from having a dog in my life.


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