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Direct Perception next Saturday, April 13!

English: Gestalt psychology - perception Magya...

English: Gestalt psychology – perception Magyar: Gestalt-pszichológia alapelvei (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are in the area (Halifax, Nova Scotia!), this should be a fun way to spend the day.  And it’s free!  It’s a taste of the five-day group retreat we will be doing in Tatamagouche  June 5 to 9.  It was a total success last year and will only be better this year!

Here’s the blurb.. three of the most provocative creativity teachers share a taste of their unique, experiential workshop practices.

With Jerry Granelli, Alan Syliboy, Leya Evelyn – taking place in Halifax, 1313 Hollis Street

Direct Perception is for new, advanced and aspiring artists, and anyone wanting to explore and strengthen their creative expression.

The workshops that will be introduced are intended to help us see and experience the world and our creative power with fresh eyes.

We will explore the Creative Process for all art forms with mindfulness based practical exercises, enhancing perception, creative courage, awareness and unhindered expression.

Creative Music – Jerry Granelli — Improvised music as direct reflection of life, … do you have the courage to let go, play and move into compositional choices? Making Marks on the Ground – Alan Syliboy — Creative expressions and messages, collaborating with nature, objects, spaces, earth and nowness. Definitely Not Your Usual Nature Drawing – Leya Evelyn — Delineating, abstracting, reducing, multiplying and dividing the natural and the unnatural.


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