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Direct Perception

IMG_2535, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

A busy week. I went to Dorje Denma Ling in Tatamagouche, N.S. to teach a workshop titled Direct Perception. It was a four day program. with three teachers: Jerry Granelli, jazz drummer, Alan Syliboy, Native American painter/media artist, and myself. The there of us worked well together, blending and cross pollinating creative ideas. I suppose you could say we divided the day up into three parcels: listening, seeing and communicating. In actuality, each parcel blended into the other, the result being an inspiring deepening and understanding of the creative process. For everyone, participants and instructors.

The first evening someone asked me if Shambhala (which is the foundation of the centre at Dorje Denma Ling) affected my art. My answer was very passionate, so much so that I don’t remember much of what I said. I think it began with “I am a very religious person.” By that, I mean, whatever I do, I do thoroughly. It doesn’t mean I need to belong to an organization or do anything outside of myself. I do love ritual, but when that takes the place of being present, experiencing what is happening at the moment, which is what you have to do when making art, then it is interference. What allows the creative process to flourish, is when you get out of your own way. There is no one way, or right way, to do that.

Altogether is was a perfectly perfect experience, teaching there. I always say perfection is boring, but in this case, every minute was so replete with the excitement of being so open to contingency, it was hardly boring.


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