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Cure fear with fright

Rosamund Street viaduct as seen in 2002 opening credits of Coronation Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For years I have been a more or less faithful watcher of Coronation Street. I know it is a TV show, not real, yet I can get so involved in it, I start seeing the characters on the streets of Halifax. These past few weeks, the main storyline has been about a man who has committed some egregious crimes. Up until now, he has been able to fool most people. This week, was the beginning of his downfall. As I watched the events unfold, the pressures mounting on his capture, the intensity and suspense mounted and my heart started pounding. You could probably hear it down the road. I was shocked by my own fear. I knew all would be okay next week; I knew the outcome (I sometimes read ahead, I admit, just to keep myself in line). Yet I was frightened beyond what would normally be considered normal. After all, I know it is just a TV show.

Then, this morning my friend Heather told me she had been reading a book on Chinese medicine (we have taken Traditional Chinese Medicine classes together) where they talked about curing a woman of her disease, one that had been caused by fear yet manifested physically, by giving her an even greater fright. So, with the terror I had felt around my recent eye surgery, perhaps my indulgent fears while watching Coronation Street were curative.  A purge.

My other eye is set for surgery in about a week.  Let’s see what Coronation Street has to offer.


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