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Continental pleasures and confusions

When I was first waiting with Aaron at Heathrow airport for the bus to Exeter, I saw a car go by without a driver. Or so it seemed to me. Then I realized the driver was on the wrong side of the car. It was hard enough that the cars drove on the wrong side of the rode, but the drivers, now that was just too hard to get used to.

Then this morning I woke very early thinking I was in Bath in a Bed & Breakfast and wasn’t sure where, or if there was one, the bathroom would be located. I hadn’t stayed the night in Bath and was felt very disoriented. Then I realized I was in my own home, in my own bed. And I was going to be awake long before daybreak (still on U.K. time).

I’m not tired; I’ve had little sleep in the last few days. It’s good to be home. I miss being with Aaron and Joanne, and find myself calling Lila, the dog, Aaron. She doesn’t mind; I hope he doesn’t. I just, well, I miss his company. There is nothing like traveling with someone to know how you get along. We did great, I’m happy to say.

Joanne left Denmark on Sunday. Aaron and I followed on Tuesday. The hardest part of the trip was the long, crowded bus rides between Exeter and London. Exeter itself is a beautiful town of unknown ancient origin, dating before Roman times. Pieces of Roman buildings, medieval bridges, and elegant modern structures exist comfortable together. We explored the city centre and the River Exe areas thoroughly and then went to Bath for a day. The morning there was spent in a mineral Spa. Very luxurious. Then, too relaxed to study the culture and wanting to stay in the warm sun, we walked around the city, then back to Exeter in the evening.

I’ll post photos soon. Right now I’m downloading and sorting them. I had major camera lust for Aaron’s Lumix. He generously let me use it as often as I liked and then made a DVD for me of all my photos from my camera as well as some from his. We are not sure always who took which ones but it’s not a confusion that needs repairs. Meanwhile, I realize I shouldn’t have spoken ill of my camera, at least, not in front of it. It’s only four years old but apparently that’s aged for these things. It seems to be shutting down, rolling over and quitting on me. I may, after all, need to buy a new one and very soon.


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