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Checking in

IMG_3438, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

So I’ve had my stint in the Big City during the Big Heat Wave: it was wonderful being with Dan and Damian while Tamar was at a conference, but I missed some major harvest from my garden, returned to a dry well (no water for a day until the well recovered), and basically wish I could restart the summer. It’s been either too cold or too hot.

It is all straightening out though, slowly. I’ve spent some time in my studio, putting on the collage elements, a necessary but tedious task. My well is full, the laundry done, house clean, freezer filling up. Dreams continuing.

Today I went swimming in the lake twice, trying to make up for the time I missed when in NYC. Maybe if I do that for a few weeks, I’ll feel like it is really summer.


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