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Charmed and charming

My granddaughter is five and a half months old. When she was four months, she went to Bermuda (with her mom) for five days. Last weekend she went to Muskoka to celebrate (with her parents) the wedding of a friend. Next week she is off to Ottawa to be introduced to her mother’s family. She loves flying, jets around like a trooper. She finds boat rides exhilarating, loves swimming in the ocean and lakes. She’s being fed a love of life, a joy of the senses.

I keep wondering what she will be like when she is older. How much of this early experience she will, on some level, remember. How will it affect how she relates to other stimuli, what she will do with her early knowledge. Will she have heightened awareness because she has been exposed to so much so young; will part of her gravitate towards, seek out, this kind of experience.

And she is not even six months old yet. Imagine that!


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