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Chance Meetings

As of this morning, I have shipped off six boxes of paintings to Memphis, TN. I am to follow next Thursday, 3 March. It’s warm and sunny there, especially compared to here. I’m looking forward to this trip. I will turn my house, dog and car over to Sean and go on to spend some time with Tamar, Dan, Damian, friends and family in NYC.

Once again, this connection came about by a chance meeting on the internet. I was introduced to Rose Brown at the Harrington Brown Gallery (where I will be exhibiting) by the painter, David Hinske. I have yet to meet either of them other than via email. I will soon. The world is getting smaller (and more interesting) all the time.

Right now, the exciting part is having a less crowded studio. It has given me more room to see what I am doing, to be more forward, challenging with myself. Room to make some new paintings.


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