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Busy busy busy

It’s been a busy summer for visitors here in paradise. (I’ve been working on this blog entry all week.  Funny, how “life” just seems to take over sometimes!)  First my cousin and her manfriend for a week, then some good friends (a lovely couple from the New York area) of a good friend of mine from New York City (and that was totally delightful, meeting new people, making friends).  Then Tamar, Dan and Damian were here for a week. Left this morning.  It’s quiet here again; that’s nice.  It also feels a bit sad for them to be gone.  (I haven’t yet figured out how to do a link so please go to to read more about Damian, my grandson and his homeschooling adventures.)

Lila was very excited to have so much company.  She really connected with Damian; didn’t want to go in swimming until he did, followed him around like the puppy dog she is.  It was wonderful and chaotic and eventful, this past week.  Damian spent most of his time outdoors, down by the water or out on the lake in the canoe or paddle-boat.





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