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Brule, NS

Brule, NS, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Lila and I spent a few days on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, in beautiful Brule. There were two other Portuguese Water Dogs there and Lila didn’t stop moving, running, playing, swimming, except to sleep at night.

In the evenings, my friend Greta and I watched a few episodes from the first season of Madmen. The DVDs had been a gift from her children. I hadn’t seen any of the show (I don’t have cable and therefore don’t watch much TV, receiving only two channels) so it was engaging. Greta lent me the whole first season DVDs so now I can waste away all evening.

I remember those days well, the 60’s. When I first left art school in 1960, I went to NYC to “make my way”, “become an artist”. My cousin suggested (emphatically) I apply to advertising agencies for a job. After all, I had been to art school.

That is a more painful memory: going around to the fancy Madison Avenue agencies with my fine art aspirations. I was quickly dismissed (and actually did feel the smirks blossoming in the room as I left). I was very naive and I imagine it showed.

After that, I took temporary typing jobs. And there are lots of stories there as well. But I’ll save that for later. . .


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