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Birthday thoughts

Last week I celebrated my birthday. It keeps happening. Thankfully. I had a pleasant day: took Lila for a haircut in the morning, a walk in the park in the afternoon, a light supper with Aaron and Joanne and then on to tai chi class. A perfect day.

What seems most important to me now is that I enjoy getting older. Tamar asked me today why I say that. I think it’s because I enjoy the calmer state of mind I have now and that makes me enjoy other people, events, places, my relationships more. I don’t feel I am so important because I know I may not live forever (yes, I do know I won’t, but when you are younger, it’s hard to know that, and it is a realization, when deeply felt, that changes everything) and so I value what is here now. I’ve seen enough friends and family die to appreciate what I have.

It’s nice to be alive.


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