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Behind the closed door

This morning was a good day in my studio: I did the screen printing onto my recently prepared canvases. This may not sound so exciting to you, but to me, it’s a big step. Usually I’ve asked someone else to do it. It seemed intimidating. But it was really not that hard. Just as Ellen said. (Thank you, Ellen!)  She was the last person who helped me.

I am not interested in perfection; I’ll be painting over all of it, burying it, anyway. Sometimes faces peek through, but I try to obscure them. It’s not important to anyone but me. I put the images into the painting for my own inspiration. Sometimes I feel irritation looking at the various people I’ve captured with ink, sometimes liberated. My intention is to use whatever emotions, thoughts, associations arise, and go beyond the personal aspects. Ultimately, it all becomes transformed into a painting.


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