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Back on the ranch

Halifax is not New York. I had a long day traveling, with a seven hour wait in the Philadelphia airport because of flight delays and missed connection. I arrived in Halifax after midnight (I was scheduled to be in by 4:30 pm!). Because of the late hour, Sean couldn’t pick me up so I needed to take a cab to his place in Halifax to gather up Lila and my car. I walked out of the airport into the cold night and there were no cabs. This is not New York.

I was sixth in line for a taxi. By the time I got one, the line must have had over thirty people. Waiting. And everyone was saying how warm it was. But after NYC, it was cold to me. And there was snow and ice, lots of ice, on the ground. Now there is lots of snow. It’s been snowing all afternoon and doesn’t seem to want to stop. Lila loves it. I’ve been spoiled by the warm weather in NY.

I’m glad to be home. It is quiet here and I can get back to work as soon as I finish unpacking and settling in. But I do miss Tamar, Dan and Damian. That won’t change.


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