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August was . . .

The Wedding. Family. Activity. Swimming. Sun. Hot. Hot. Hot. Not too much studio time. I did have photos taken of my work about a week ago so that was progress. It’s good to get them documented but it also helps me see what they look like from another point of view: the camera’s. Now it’s time to uupdate my website and get back to work in my studio. I spent all day yesterday on the computer catching up on art business related activities. The other side of making art. Not the exciting side. Although I must say, seeing things come together, things I had put off, was very exciting. I had a deadline to meet. I’m usually someone who is five minutes early to an appointment, the first one to a party, has applications for funding done in advance of due dates and such, but not yesterday. The stress level was something I’d rather not repeat. But it such a relief when it is done. When I came home from the post office, I apologized profusely to Lila (she understood) and we went in for a (much appreciated) swim.


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