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At the Secord Gallery

Secord Gallery Nov 2012, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Usually, of course, my paintings look very different outside my studio, when they are in a clean, new environment. This time, I didn’t feel that way. All day Friday I could feel the energy of the paintings. It was a very strong feeling, almost audible. I could feel it coming down the highway from Halifax. So when I was in the gallery that evening for the opening reception, how the paintings felt was more important to me than what they looked like. Strange, but I do think other people may have felt it too. There was not a lot of analytical conversation, just a feeling of enjoyment of the energy. Or maybe it was only my experience of it. I’ll have to ask a few friends.

I think the exhibit looks good. I’ll go back this week and take some more installation shots.

To see photos of the work, you can go to the Secord Gallery website.


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