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At the Orange Gallery in Ottawa

Before the crowd arrived.

Just got back from an awesome trip to Ottawa. Well, actually I came back a week ago but it has taken a week for me to arrive in full emotionally.

I have an exhibit up at the Orange Art Gallery in Ottawa. If you are in the area, it will be there until April 7. I went for the opening reception and gave a talk the following Saturday. The show looks very good and was well received. Ingrid Hollander, the gallery owner, has a wonderful way of displaying the work, encouraging the paintings to have conversations amongst themselves. Matching them in select groups. Then I come away seeing them differently as well.

It always helps to see the work on clean white walls, outside my dirty studio. I have tunnel vision when I am working, see only what is in front of me. But still, the paintings look so different in a clean space. Sometimes when I think I have finished a good piece, I take the work upstairs, put it on the wall in my living room. That’s when I can really see if it needs more, or possibly less. Even putting a painting on a different wall to work on it in my studio makes it look different. And I do know the changing light over a day changes how the painting looks. Just like people, paintings change by how and where you look.


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