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Ask me nothing


It was a very full weekend. Studio rally time, again. And the weather was perfect. I had an almost continuous studio full of people coming to see my work, ask questions, watch me moving paintings around. It was mostly friends and people I know, more or less, some students, some maybe future students and friends, and a few new people.

Lila had a lovely time escorting people into my studio. She usually isn’t allowed in there, but since it was clean, I let her come in. She felt like a top dog and only stole one sock, snuck it upstairs for a good chew.

Saturday afternoon, after studio visitors left, I sat on my dock with some friends and contemplated nothing. I enjoyed the chatter and the quiet. It was bliss.

Then this morning, I was able to spend some highly charged, finely directed energy into “fixing” the things I saw the previous two days that weren’t quite right. It is always good to spend some time looking at my work through someone else’s eyes. But mostly, I am now my own best critic. It is just helpful to get some distance, and having so many people asking about the work was inspiration enough for me to see more clearly what I was doing and what needed to be done.  So I did.


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