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And Now

This past Tuesday I packed up my paintings and sent them off to Switzerland. The exhibit will be March 2 at the Halde Galerie in Widen. I’m not going this time. Instead, Ellen and Tim are making a short documentary for me to send. So I’ll be “represented”.

They came by today and interviewed me. The questions were really thoughtful. One that stays with me is: how have my ideas about my work changed from the first pieces? My ideas, as I see it, have not changed over the years. The way I express them, the techniques and mannerism, have. Basically, the underlying feeling I want in a painting stays the same even though the paintings change. To put it simply, I think of a painting as an object. It needs to have a body which, for me, means mass and weight, I do this with the way I apply color, use color to create form, to create the body of the work.

I’ve used many techniques, from classical oil painting methods, to acrylic, staining canvas, cutting and sewing them, and then back to oil. Now I use oil bars, collage and silkscreen images in the work. Yet it all has my handwriting. It’s not always a straight line, but still, is a continuum.


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