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An afternoon in Aarhus: Sculpture by the Sea

On Friday I took a quick bus/train trip down to Aarhus to meet Aaron and Joanne. They had spent two nights in Copenhagen. I hadn’t seen them since last Christmas in Ottawa. It was an unusual place to meet again, pointing out how small the world can be.

We went to see the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibit. It consisted of works by sculptors from all over the world, originally exhibited in Tasmania. The Crown Prince of Denmark had fallen in love with the exhibit when he visited there in, I believe, around 2004. He had also fallen in love with the woman who became his bride. Together they wanted to bring the exhibit to Denmark. We arrived just at the beginning of the opening ceremonies: a parade, speeches, balloons:


I managed to be close enough to get a snapshot of the royal couple.


And then there were many sculptures along the shore, some were amusing, a few serious, some interactive. Here, a few images:


We then went on to Saltum where the opening reception for my exhibit was to be the next day.

We then


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