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Amsterdam trolley

Amsterdam, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

My three days in Amsterdam went by very quickly. The first day was spent in museums. The second day I played in Vondonpark with my friends and their grandchildren and also went to visit their garden (a small plot of land a little outside of the city centre) with my hostess. I left before she was ready and thought I could find my way back to their house. I passed a group of old trolley cars from all over the world that ran by the garden on weekends. The cars were operated by a few people who enjoyed taking people for short rides in them. On the way back from the garden I apparently went the opposite direction I needed and actually got lost. When I was asking someone for directions, my host just happened to be walking by. He had gone out for an ice cream. If he hadn’t had that craving, I might still be in the park.

The third day I met up with another artist, Dana Marshall, who I’d been wanting to meet for a long time. We walked through the park and stopped for tea, talking about making art and getting it out in the world, not always easy, in fact, usually not so. Dana will be in Nova Scotia in the fall and I hope we can meet again. Possibly do some art projects together.  So many possibilities.


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