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Again and . . .

IMG_0180, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

They say dogs are creatures of habit. To some extent, that’s very true. But my dog loves to go to new places, to explore, to be surprised. As do I. Yesterday we went to Point Pleasant Park. When I took a different route, the reverse of our usual trek, she was confused, wasn’t sure where we were going, maybe it was the wrong way. Then, of course, she realized what I was doing and trotted along comfortably smelling and investigating.

In painting sometimes it is much the same way. Habit can take over and that is when it is less exciting. A new path can be confusing at first. But habit is very strong and hard to change. Sometimes. I started a new series of paintings recently (as well as the BIG one). I keep thinking I want to bring new elements into the work. But when I think about it, I tighten up. When I just let whatever appears, happen, let it talk without my putting pressure on it, I see new things. As long as I don’t impose the old habits on it, new elements can emerge. I’m still in the beginning stages of the new paintings, when all is fresh and exciting. Now to keep that beginning impulse and not impose my old habitual solutions.


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