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It never stops surprising me how much a painting can change depending one where it is placed, what is around it. Just like what I have learned about color. So much about making art, and life, is relative.

I took the painting I made specifically for the spot over my piano, a triptych, back down into my studio because I have been thinking I need to work on it some more. It has never been quite right and feeling even more so lately. It is mainly indigo and looks black. It needs to have the right amount of other colors. But as I was carrying it downstairs I flipped it to how I had originally thought it should be and liked it better. So maybe I don’t need to work on it more. I don’t know yet. I will have to sit with it in my studio for a while.

Meanwhile I brought a hot pink triptych up to put in its place. The painting had looked great in my studio and I had had it photographed. Even the photo looked good. But now that the painting is hanging in my designated spot, I see it needs more work. It just isn’t right yet. And I miss having the indigo painting in my living space. Bummer!


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