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A shaggy dog story

Lila and I went to Point Pleasant Park this afternoon for a long walk. It had been raining hard for twenty-four hours but the sun finally came out and it was very pleasant. On our travels we met a couple of other Portuguese Water Dogs, Lola and Diego, and their owner. We started chatting about how intelligent our dogs are and how difficult they were as puppies, because they are so intelligent.

I mentioned that this past summer I was sitting around the table after a nice lunch with a couple of friends on a very hot day and we were chatting long after Lila thought was necessary. So she went upstairs. I said to my friends, I think she is trying to tell us it’s time to go for a swim. I was right. Lila was trying to get my bathing suit down from the hook. So we went for a swim.

Lola’s dad said once they had gone to visit some family and they all went down into the rec room after dinner to hear the kids play music. When one child started up on the drums, Lola decided she’d had enough and went upstairs to get her leash. She brought it down to her owners. When that didn’t work, she went up and brought down Diego’s leash. Then they knew it was time to go.



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