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A Poem You Wrote


(Coincidentally, no. 1; 38″ x 46″; oil &  collage on canvas)

I had an exhibit up for three weeks in Halifax at the Secord Gallery. They have a wonderful way of hanging the work. It consisted of mostly large paintings (several at 46“ x 46” and 60“ x 72”) and some small pieces (5“ x 3” and 8“ x 8”). The range of color was different from last April’s exhibit at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery where the tone was more limited. Here I played off on the colors of the Saint Mary’s show while expanding the range. It worked.

We called the exhibit A Poem That You Wrote. The title came from a conversation with Phil Secord, gallery owner. He was describing how he felt about the painting that was used on the invitation: it feels like a poem I wrote and rewrote again and again. I think so.


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