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A long day, really

IMG_3354, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Yesterday Jo came by at 6:30 am to pick out the work for the exhibit at her gallery, opening Sunday. It took a couple of hours sorting through and making decisions and then loading up her truck. As always, it feels good to have some work going out to be seen.

The rest of the morning was taken up with gardening. Then the heat got to me. All the rain has been good for the vegetables. I have more than I can possibly eat. My friends will be happy. But I don’t do well in the heat, so I took three showers yesterday and plan to jump in the lake in a few minutes from now.

In the evening I went to hear/see Dr. John in the big tent by the waterfront. It was crowded and we were lucky to get seats in row six. But people were standing everywhere, especially in front of us, so it was most of the time easier to stand than sit. My friends were very good to me: I’m small, so they made sure I could see, kept moving me to where there was a visual pathway to the stage. At times I could actually see his hands run over the keyboard. Amazing.

The Halifax Jazz Festival is on for the next week. Dr. John was brilliant and his band was as well. The sound system left much to be desired. I am glad the next two events I go to will be indoors at reliable venues.

My day ended past midnight. A long one, in real time!


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