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A laughing matter

I had recently asked my friend Ellen if she would do a little video of me talking about my work. I wanted to send it along with my paintings to Switzerland. It didn’t work, time wise, but it did work well. Ellen’s friend, Tim, is a student in film and taking a documentary class. I became his subject.

We met at the Secord Gallery where I exhibit, set up a movie studio with lights, camera and all the other equipment and crew needed. The questions Ellen and Tim asked were all very intelligent, thoughtful. I’m looking forward to seeing the resulting video. But the strangest part, for me, was when Tim asked me if I ever envisioned a time when I wouldn’t be painting any more. Somehow, I just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop for quite a while. The thought of not painting was just very funny!

I do think about it, that it might be a possibility some day, when I can’t pick up those heavy canvases, move them around, turn them upside down at will. Maybe I’ll slow down, maybe I will have to do something else. But I won’t, if I don’t have to stop. I’ll just keep going until I fall over, or under, one of those big paintings!


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