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A few words to Lila

Lila-7-days, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Today is Lila’s birthday. She is now six years old. Amazing. She hasn’t always been an easy pup, as dogs go, but she has always been interesting! She’s lively, clever, super intelligent and sometimes enormously demanding. Sometimes I refer to her as my ADHD dog. Sometimes I have to remind her I’m the boss. And (I first said “but”) I do really enjoy her.

It still fascinates me, peoples relationships to their pets. They’ve become extensions of the family, sometimes to the extreme. Been turned into little people. As much as I love Lila, I know she is a dog. Has dog needs, has dog thoughts. Her life will be relatively short; I will have to adjust. Sill, it is so nice to have her as a the resident dog companion.


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