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A few more from the ranch

I started using multiple panels about thirteen years ago when I downsized my vehicle.  I needed a way to paint larger without sacrificing transport. Necessity here was a blessing. I find I can experiment more with the imagery, how it moves from one panel to another and still relates as one painting. With the panels touching each other, often people don’t realize the painting is created in more than one piece.

Another factor that intrigues me is, in these, how I am able to have imagery in the middle of the painting. Usually I feel uneasy and push it to the edges of the painting. Since the activity is on the edges of several panels, it can also, here, be in the middle.  Tricking myself!

These three paintings are each 5′ x 5′, made of two panels, one 5′ x 3′ and the other 5′ x 2′.



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