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Snow in February, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

We’ve had a lot of snow in Eastern Canada recently. Enough to make the roads narrow, parking difficult, driving at times hazardous, and walking often becomes work. Snowdrifts around my house are up to my knees. With all this, most people are glad to see a real winter here. And it is very beautiful. Until it rains tomorrow.

But today, after I took Lila for a walk in Point Pleasant Park, I left her napping in the car. I then went to cross the street to go to an appointment. I happened to notice a young woman carrying a yoga matt approaching the corner from the other sidewalk. The light was green, but people were huddled together and not crossing. When I got there, I saw an elderly woman with a walker. The young woman and the older woman were having a brief conversation. It seemed the woman with the walker was telling the younger woman she didn’t want help. The snow at the crossing had melted into deep slush and the path to cross was very narrow. Her walker was in the muck. The resulting pileup of people wanting to cross the road then missed the green light and had to wait for the light to change again. The older woman said: “That’s what you get for trying to be a good samaritan.” Everyone looked concerned and quickly passed.

There is an interesting metaphor here.


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