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I’m now living with two cats, one black, one white. Generally, I’m not a cat lover.  These are very different. The white one is a good cat, beautiful, affectionate, but nothing like Cocoa. He has a very strong personality, the black one. He’s a warm, dark chocolate cat. Follows Tamar around like a puppy dog. When I talk to him, he looks at me like he understands. He’s taken a liking to my new shoes. They are maroon MBT Mary Janes. (Yes, MBTs are starting to look like normal shoes!) He sits by them half the day, sometimes rubbing his chin across the leather, acting like they are his best friend. If only I weren’t allergic to cats, i’d be smothering him with affection. I go home next Tuesday to my dog. She’ll be getting the hugs for the cats as well as for herself.

Photo credit goes to Tamar Bihari.


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