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It’s been a busy time:  working on new paintings.  My whole way of working has changed in the past few months and, although it is exciting, it is also very demanding.  I’ve had an exhibit scheduled for a while at the Secord Gallery in Halifax and it’s coming up soon.  All the work will be new.  And very wet.

As well, I had a visit from Jo Beale last Tuesday evening.  She asked me to be part of the 200 year celebration of Peggy’s Cove by exhibiting in her gallery.  I will also give a talk about my work.  She prefers to exhibit my new work which means I will be very busy for the next few weeks.  At first I thought I had plenty of time to put it all together.  But then I realized I will be going to Denmark  for a show (with a side trip to Amsterdam) for two weeks the beginning of June.  At that point, although I do work well under pressure, I thought I must be crazy.   I probably am but it’s a good crazy.  Or maybe, just wet behind the ears!


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