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NYC February 29, 2012, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Yes, I’m definitely in New York City, where everything moves faster and is bigger than life. To my surprise, a woman got up to give me her seat on the subway yesterday evening. Tamar said I looked tired. Or maybe just old. That’s okay, old. I wasn’t planning on sitting down but didn’t mind the offer. I’ve earned my years, I suppose.

One day recently, when I was renewing my discount card at Fabricville, I was asked if I was over fifty-five. I was stunned. I’m well over fifty-five. The same day, when I dropped something in a store, and asked the sales clerk if she wouldn’t mind picking it up for me; she said, of course and she dreaded the day when she was like that. Poor me! Actually, I was, at the time, recovering from a bad fall and couldn’t bend over. I’m fine now, can touch my toes again, but always remember that incident when I lean over.

Then I remember the time, when I was just over fifty and going swimming at a local pool. When I was charged a seniors’ rate, I was insulted, said I wasn’t a senior, paid my extra two bucks! The mind does funny things around age.

Back to NY: I followed Tamar and Damian around yesterday. In the morning, Damian had an animation class at the Children’s Art Museum. In the afternoon, he got together with three other boys to play Mindcraft. Four boys lined up on the couch, each with a MacBook Pro. As for me, I’m catching up on much needed rest, non-thinking and just soaking up the atmosphere, for now.


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