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The official invitation

So it’s official now; no backing out! I’m looking forward to exhibiting with Aaron and Brad.  I’ve always admired their work.  Even if Aaron is my son, he’s good on his own.  His work is very different from mine and that makes it even more interesting.  And Brad’s sculpture is always strong.  I think it will be a good show.

I have one more week to finish up what can be finished.  That brings up the usual question:  when is a painting finished?  When either I think it is or I can’t think of anything else to do to it that would make me feel better about it.  In the latter case, I probably would put it away, take it out some time later and see how I feel about it. Maybe then I can save it; maybe not.  In the former case, I might decide to work more on it later anyway.  But sometimes a painting just feels right.  Usually that feeling is visceral, in my gut.  So I we will see next week.

I just hope no one backs into the wet paintings!


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