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Pix by Carla

Carla, a friend from my tai chi class, took these photos. She and her partner, Dave, do portrait photography when they aren’t doing other things such as office work or music. I needed some photos for promotional use, didn’t have any recent good ones. Now I do!

About a year ago March, I decided to stop coloring my hair (brown). For about four months, I used semi-permanent color, then nothing. There was never a sharp line where the color changed. The brown just faded away.  It turned white in the front and multicolored in the back.  I’m still surprised how many compliments I get every day and also, how much I like it.

I heard a story a couple of days ago about a woman who had ben coloring her hair since she was about twelve. After a while, she didn’t know what color her hair actually was. At twenty-eight, she decided to stop the color; it was just too much work. She too, was surprised by all the compliments to her natural hair. Maybe nature does know best.

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