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Last week was a blast

Besides cleaning up the mess from painting my walls, cleaning my studio, weeding and planting in the garden, I went to two great jazz concerts. The first was Monday night, Lee Konick, an 86 year old musician with lots of vitality playing with some young bucks. They played real improvisational jazz, spontaneous, inventive and free. I really didn’t want the evening to end. If only we could all be like him at 86!

The other concert was Wednesday evening, Jerry Granelli and Jay Clayton and then Dan Weiss who had also been the drummer Monday night. I’m not much of a late night person (usually getting up at the crack of dawn, always have, even as a teenager, believe it or not), but it was definitely all worth it.

Now I am sitting beside Damian as he composes some music on his computer. He’s good and I wish I knew how to link to his music, but it may take me a while to figure that one out, but i will. Don’t forget, I grew up before there was ever even TV!


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