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Bliss! Once a year!

IMG_3341, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Yesterday was the first day of summer here. Yesterday my dock went into the water. Today I go in. I was tempted to sleep there last night; it was so peaceful. After the recent hectic weeks I’ve had, it was so tempting.

I was supposed to have photos taken this morning. but my photographer’s son was unfortunately in a car accident last night and they spent the night in emergency. If all is well, and I do hope the young man is okay, recovers quickly, the photo-shoot will be Thursday.

After Steve left last time, recently, just in early May, I had a burst of insight and energy and reworked almost everything he photographed. Not very efficient of me, but necessary. I would look at a painting and ask myself if I would feel okay exhibiting it as it was, or would I regret not working on it further. Usually, on most of the pieces, the answer was clear. So I do need new photographs.

My exhibit at the Jo Beale Gallery is opening July 7. So I’ve been very busy finishing up the work for that. I’ve also finished (as much as I am going to do right now) painting my living room and stairwell walls. Then there is the garden, which is resplendent with beautiful veggies, after some intensive work there. All these projects at the same time.

I’m taking a much welcome, little break today. Just cleaning up the messes I made in my recent frenetic work schedule.


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