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Big snow

Big snow, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

So far since this year began, we have had a big dump of snow once a week. This past week’s was the biggest. We may be getting another big one Saturday night. I remember saying not too long ago I was tired of summer. I wonder what I could have been thinking! The piles and drifts are so high now, they dwarf Lila. She could drown in them. The only place to play here is up and down the driveway so we went to Point Pleasant Park today for a run.

I do love the snow. I even love shoveling it, at least when it is not a wet heavy one. Yesterday Lila and I took several walks up the road. We stopped and talked to neighbors, watched them shoveling and asked about what shovels they recommended. I do need a new one by now.

A friend says pink is how she gets through the winter. So I took out my pink wool scarf for the cold morning walks. Groundhog Sam predicts an early Spring. That would be nice.


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