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Snow on the lake2

So, my driveway has been plowed four times since I’ve been back from NYC. Three times in three days, in fact. It’s been cold, very cold, but mainly sunny for a few days. Lila and I went for a walk today on the lake with her friend Clancy and Clancy’s mom. Before we knew it, we had been out there for almost an hour.  Time didn’t exist.  The air was fresh, the snow pristine.  I am always happy, peaceful, when I am walking on the lake.

I’ve been back two weeks and finally, on Tuesday, because of a big snow storm that cancelled my day plans, I was able to get back into my studio.  A trip away always seems to make painting so refreshing.  I feel I am seeing things I might not have if I had just been painting all the time, without a break.

I’ve also been stretching canvases, getting ready to start a new series of paintings.  This morning it was hard to keep my attention on the task at hand, kept wandering over to the paintings and making some marks.  I had to force myself back.  I did finish the job.  This coming week I can prepare them for painting.

This is not my favorite part of the job.  But it is necessary.  Meanwhile, I can also work on some paintings calling for my attention.  That is, when I’m not out on the lake!  But then, they say it will rain by Wednesday.


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