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Waiting it out, deer

This morning, frustrated as I couldn’t get into my studio because the electrician was here to fix my outdoor lights which haven’t worked right for several years, I decided to work on the small black and white canvases I had started over a month ago and put aside for a rainy day which it definitely is today (again). I can work on them at the dining table without causing too much havoc.  It’s a messy process but I didn’t spill too much paint where it didn’t belong.  Later Yoko came over with some young students of hers so they could have their lessons on my grand piano.  One of them looked at my small canvases laid out on the table and asked me how I did it.  “You just scribble with the paint?” he asked.  Yes, that’s what I do.

Meanwhile, just before their car drove up, I saw a mother deer and her two young ones hanging out in my side field.  Earlier in the day the two had been lying down in the field, just resting, very comfortably resting, no cares.  Until I came along and asked them to refrain from eating my peas and beans. (They had done that last year just before I was about to pick them.  That was no fun for me.)  I wasn’t able to catch a photo of them.  Lila gave them too vocal a greeting.  Next time.  I’m sure they will be back.


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