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Twiddle Dee & Twiddle Dum


So . . . I’ve been working on a new group of paintings, started in the last month or two. Because I had a three month hiatus, didn’t paint at all (rare for me), it feels like I could have a fresh start now, a new view. I’ve been asked a few times if these paintings are different and if so how. I can’t really answer that question. I don’t know. I’m continuing on, hoping that I am progressing, discovering, learning, growing. All of that. But I just don’t know.

I would like them to be more open, to be stronger. But at the same time, they must be subtle and suggestive. Again, I just don’t know if they are changing. Maybe I need an outside eye or probably, just to keep going. From experience, that works best. I have to trust myself and so painting more will tell me what I am doing.

One thing I am discovering is that I am finding the high contrast paintings, ones where the “field” is more muted, a pale color, come together more easily. I feel more “satisfied”. I am struggling mostly with the “beautiful” colors, the blues and the reds. But I keep going and I will get there. I don’t know how, but I will.

Because the high contrast ones are working so well, it makes what I usually do not work, not as satisfactory. It never ends!


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